About the Practitioner

Sheri DuBois, NCTMB, Academy of Natural Healing, NY, NY, 1995-6.

The Total Health philosopy focuses on each client individually.  Appropriate communciation begins with first exposure and begins the recovery process. 

Total Health with Sheri ~ Bodyworks opened when she moved to La Junta, CO in 1999.  The fall of 2005 provided the team opportunity to develop the newest intensive core curriculum for Massage Therapy programs through the state of Colorado's Community Colleges.  

Sheri's skills and continued education culminate into the approach-lead theories of Soft Tissue Recovery, STR.  Her passion drives the development of the Total Health Academy, LLC.  She is located in the state of Colorado, where professionals and legislative efforts create a rich foundation to safely expand research and pain management for the chronic impact associated with injury.  A small team began Emic Research in August, 2010.  The research allows Sheri and desingated practitioners to study full body sessions, comparing technique to body systems.

Sheri's dedication and professional alliances will ensure this work advances for years to come. 


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